Bar W Wildlife Division Prices



Please e-mail us for pricing.



$75 Per Hunter Includes:

Morning or afternoon hunt

$125 Per Hunter Includes:

All-day hunt


$150 Per Hunter

 Wild Hog Hunts offered before and after deer season - *for hunts during deer season contact      us for availability - once all deer tags reached, hog hunts may be booked during deer season.

$200 Per Hunter Includes:

One full day of hunting

One Wild Hog

$100 additional to continue into spotlight hunt

$150 each additional Hog

Culinary Hunts

Doe Hunts

$350 per doe

Sausage Package

$450, 1 doe, 1 hog

* A 20% non-refundable deposit is due to reserve a date for a hunt, the exception is the Buck hunts which require a $500 non-refundable deposit.  

Bar W Buck Hunts

One Trophy Buck, $2,500

One Management Buck, 8 points or less $1,750

A non-refundable fee of $500 must be paid for every buck hunt upon booking as a deposit to schedule and secure the dates that you intend to hunt. The remaining fee for both Management and Trophy hunts are due upon harvesting your buck, or when blood is drawn. Each hunt comes with guaranteed success to be put on an animal, if you are not presented with an opportunity to shoot you have the right to return upon a later date, subject to dates available, until you are satisfied with your hunting results.

A guide will be provided and tipping is required. 

Field Dressing

Each animal $50.00