The Bar W, located in Calvert, Texas, has been a working cattle and agricultural ranch along the Brazos River Bottom for over 150 years. Founded in 1860 by Reuben Anderson, the ranch has been past down in the Anderson family for over 5 generations. With over 3,000 acres of pastureland, Brazos riverfront, natural wetlands, and dense wooded areas the ranch provides an ideal habitat for native and invasive game.  

 The Bar W’s hunting and conservation operation is known as the Bar W Wildlife Division and is headed up by the Manterola family who also oversees all operations of the Bar W.

In an effort by the entire Manterola/Anderson family, the ranch has been working in close partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife Biologists since the late 90’s. Together they have created a personalized wildlife management program that combines specific hunting regulations with improvements to natural habitats. Improvements include NRCS pasturelands, protected riparian areas, improved wetlands, and regrowth of wooded areas. The results have been astronomical with healthier bird migrations as well as a thriving white tale deer population that was once scarce in the area. Thanks to the Wildlife Division, the Bar W is one of the only ranches operating under MLD in the area.

 The Wildlife Division offers free-range day hunts and weekend packages and lodging is available for weekend and overnight hunters. For those sticking around a while, the Brazos River provides afternoon entertainment with swimming and fishing. Get to know us by choosing Who We Are!

 We look forward to seeing you in the Big City of Calvert!