Alberto Manterola

Alberto owns and manages the Bar W and the Bar W Wildlife Division alongside his wife Jane Anderson. He is a native of Mexico City where his family farmed, ranched and raised dairy cattle in the states of Estado de Mexico and Queretaro. He is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Animal Science and is a member of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. Working closely with the county's Texas Parks and Wildlife biologist, Alberto has implemented various wildlife management programs as well as improved pasturelands and improved wetlands throughout the ranch.

He currently carries the title of Texas Master Naturalist and is the former Vice President of the Rio Brazos Audubon Society where he was responsible for documenting a number of bird sightings on the Bar W unknown to the area. Aside from farming and ranching he has been selling exotic deer, antelope and other species throughout North America for the last 25 years. 



Jane owns and manages the Bar W and the Bar W Wildlife Division with her husband Alberto. Her family settled in the Brazos Valley in 1860 and has been working this very land ever since. Jane continues to run a cow-calf operation and grow cotton, corn, wheat and other crops in much the way her father Wesley did and his father before him. Jane is passionate about the history of her family and of the area in which she grew up and passes on that history though the collection and preservation of stories, literature, recipes, artwork, and antiques.

An avid outdoorswoman, she has hunted and fished all over Mexico, Texas and North America and has worked side by side with her family in executing wildlife management programs at the Bar W.  She is very involved in Calvert as a member of the Bishop's Committee at Church of the Epiphany and involved in the first Calvert Youth Equine Summer Camp held July 12 - 14, 201


Tito Manterola

Tito oversees hunting operations, acts as lead hunting guide and offers specialized taxidermy for the Bar W Wildlife Division. Tito is an All-American skeet shooter and has hunted, fished and backpacked all over North America. He is well versed in every kind of fishing and hunting you will find on the Bar W including dove, duck, goose, snipe, deer, wild boar, coyote, catfish, alligator gar and bass. He studied taxidermy at the Central Texas School of Taxidermy and interned at Animal Artistry in Reno, Nevada. 


Catherine Manterola

Catherine oversees logistics and promotion and acts as ranch cook for the Bar W Wildlife Division. She is a publicist, marketer and event planner for the food industry by trade and her work has taken her across Texas, up to Portland, Oregon, down to Mexico City, and over to SW France. Catherine has studied butchery with the Portland Meat Collective and rustic French cooking at The Chef Studio

Catherine has scheduled and helped plan GRRLS Meat Camp which was featured on FarmHer Season 2 on RFD-TV.  Check out the great pictures of our ranch. 







Sallie Jane is the youngest of Jane and Alberto’s three children and is an accomplished equestrian, cowgirl and athlete. She is an enthusiastic hunter and harvested one of the Bar W’s biggest bucks to date in 2018. Sallie Jane is immensely hands-on in the family's cattle operation as she saddles up to work cattle every chance she gets.